Painting a Steel Door

Although sturdy and long lasting, steel doors still sustain some damage over time in the form of peeled or chipped paint or dents etc. If you want to keep your steel door well maintained and long lasting, you have to take care of regular maintenance work which your steel door requires at times. Painting you steel door is not enough. It requires a proper preparation like repairing any dent, scrub off the chipped paint or sand down the rusted areas properly so that the paint will firmly hold the surface. Here are given some simple steps to paint your steel door efficiently.

Required Items

– Following items are required to paint your steel door:
– Soap and water for cleaning
– Paint scraper
– Painting supplies, such as brushes or rollers
– Tarp
– Sandpaper
– 2 sawhorses
– Rags
– Tools to remove door hardware
– Masking tape
– Primer and paint


1. Prepare the area where you want to paint your door. Take a tarp and lay it down to keep your floor free from any paint marks. Place two sawhorses covered with rags to prevent any marks on the door.

2. Before painting the door, you have to take away all the hardware from the door. These include handle, doorknockers, locks, hinges and weatherstripping as well. Lay the door carefully onto the sawhorses.

3. Examine the door thoroughly and remove any dents or damaged areas if present. Take a paint scraper and scrape off the old paint from the door.

4. Clean the door with mild soap and water from both sides and let it dry for sometime.

5. Take a sand sponge or medium type sand paper and sand down the entire door lightly. Don’t apply force that might cause scratches to the door.

6. If your door contains and windows or glass or any such area, cover them with masking tape to prevent any paint stains on them.

7. Apply primer to the door surface. Two coats of primer are enough. You can use aerosol primer, brush or sprayer to apply primer on the door surface. Before applying the second coat make certain that the first coat is dried completely.

8. Once the primer is applies, apply paint to the door. You can use paint brush, sprayer or roller for your convenience. You need to apply two coats of paint on the door. Apply first coat and let it dry for some time and apply the second coat.

9. Let the paint dry completely. Reinstall all the hardware parts. Put back the locks, knobs, hinges and weatherstripping.