An Interesting Insight Into Western Door Curtains

A great way to add a country European feel to your home is to add some French door curtains to your doors. These type of curtains originate from many centuries ago and are very light and breezy.

You can purchase French door curtains, or any other type of door shades, from most interior decorating shops or alternatively you can make your own. French door curtains normally cover the entire door with thin see-through material that is usually white. These curtains hang straight from the top of the door to the ground but it is also a style to tie the middle of the French curtains so that they become hourglass shaped. This softens door lines as well as adding privacy to the room. On top of this, having curtains will stop damaging rays of sunlight from harming your furniture inside yet at the same time, enough light will be allowed in to brighten the room.

If you really want to continue the authentic French theme, you can purchase some additional French door hardware to bring out the most from your living room. One option is to buy some real or replica wrought iron curtain rods to go with your door curtains. These wrought iron additions were very popular when doors and curtains originated due to the new supply and technology of wrought iron at the time.

The rods will add a touch of history and can almost be a feature of the room due to the complicated and often large designs that wrought iron rods have. These rods will contrast well with your relatively simple white French door curtains and so if you do not want your curtain rods to stand out, a plain white metal one would do fine.

Having sheer curtains also adds a nice effect and draws attention to the curtains, especially if they are held by smaller, thinner rods. Unfortunately if you want total privacy, it is not easily accomplished with French curtains as they are very thin, also it is hard to find curtains that open and shut completely. If this is what you are looking for, then full drapery is perhaps what you should look at, as this offers these things.

Due to the simplicity of these French door curtains, they are not very expensive unless you are purchasing authentic century old ones. If not, you can set up a door with curtains for under $50 not including installation. These curtains look great, let the light in, add style and protect your furniture while bringing back a country European feeling that everybody can appreciate.

Commercial Glass Doors – Tips For Finding A Glass Door For Your Business

As you are walking through your local mall you’re sure to see some beautiful commercial glass doors that stand out more than others. You may see glass entryways that have special etchings on them that stand out from the rest of the crowd while others are painted with the store logo in brilliant colors. There is a vast array of doors made from glass available on the market and these days shopkeepers are using them to help attract more customers into their stores.

A well designed commercial door made of glass can be absolutely stunning. There are special designers available that can make any glass door come alive with either designs that you present or their own. If you’re looking for something creative, you can ask for suggestions from a designer in order to create something new and unique for your business.

What to look for in commercial glass doors

When you’re looking at glass doorways you’ll want to take more than the aesthetic look into account. The doors also need to be functional and safe to operate. One that shatters can quickly turn into a legal lawsuit that could potentially shut down your entire business. That’s why it’s so important to deal with reputable companies that will guarantee their product for normal usage.

Framing will also be something to consider when you’re looking at glass doors. These doors are available with aluminum or wood frames or you may choose the option of a frameless door.

Security options that are available for glass doors include:

Automatic closing/opening doors
Video cameras and sensors
Access keypads and controls
Custom or standard locks and handles
Commercial door hardware

Glass door partitions

Glass dividers can also be used as partitions to separate workspaces. By using glass the work area will appear larger and the floor plan more open. Giving employees a sense of space will help to promote productivity and morale.

When you are trying to attract customers to your place of business you are going to have one shot at it. Potential customers will look at your storefront and will get their first impression of it. It’s your job to make it look great. By working with a company for commercial glass doors that supplies product recommendations, consultations and professional engineering, you’ll end up with a storefront that will act as a magnet to passersby and you’ll know that it is guaranteed to be safe.